XBOX 360 LT3, 60GB, 1 Wired...

XBOX 360 LT3, 60GB, 1 Wired Controller, Online Supported

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XBOX 360 LT3 Modded Console
2006 Model, Japan Imported


XBOX 360 2006 Model
Japan Imported used Console
Fully Serviced by MH Traders
LT3 Modded, Online Supported
60GB Hard Disk Driver
2 Games DVD GTA V & FIFA 2019 Included
VGA Cable with Audio Adapter
Power Cord.

LT3 Modded Console can be connected to Internet VIA Lan Cable, You can Surf Online Watch Youtube, Games Updates or System Updates are Free Services from XBOX Live, Multiplayer is also Possible with Microsoft Gold Membership. The 2006 Model Comes with VGA or AV/Component Cable (HDMI is not supported) The Games in LT3 modded Xbox run directly from DVD not from HDD like Original Xbox. For more detail Watch the attached Video with Product by clicking PLAY Video below the Product Image

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